Mike Bothe

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Mike is a Senior Colorist based in Berlin.

Born in 1980 and raised in East Berlin, he has experienced the city and its many changes first-hand.

His creative urges dominated his last year of high school, as he dug into experimental art and then began to shift towards photography and moving images. He completed four semesters of video design and then joined Berlin-based production company BIGFISH in 2006. There he quickly fell in love with advertising's fast pace and high production standards. While holding various positions (Compositor,Lead FX, Post Supervisor, Technical Department Head) in the BIGFISH post production department over seven years, he also learned color grading using DaVinci Resolve.

Quickly realizing his passion for color grading, Mike left BIGFISH in 2012 to specialize in his chosen field. He has been working as a freelance Colorist ever since. His work is defined by three essential things: creativity, technical ability, and social interaction. Mike loves to engage in strong looks and unique commercials, while developing an individual vocabulary with each director or DP. The end result is the most fitting look - and the journey to get there can be as much of a payoff as the final product!

Mike also enjoys adapting his professional skills to music videos and films. He is open to almost any project as long as it fits his schedule.

You can book him as a freelance Senior Colorist into your DaVinci Resolve suite, or, join Mike in his own suite in Berlin-Mitte.

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