WOLFGANG'S ~N~ (Short Dogumentary)

The dog has always fascinated us humans. We keep, feed and love our four-legged companions. Some of us even make it our life's work to breed dogs for very special tasks. Wolfgang Hoffman is one of those people. His goal: to have the fastest Afghan Hound.

English subtitles available.

AmsterdamBerlin presents 'Wolfgang's N'
with a Soundtrack by BLVTH (soundcloud.com/blvth)

Executive Producer: Moritz Grub
Production Support by Iconoclast Germany, Nils Schwemer
Director: Joscha Bongard
DoP: Maximilian Pittner
Editor: David Gesslbauer
Ambients: Ebb Loops (soundcloud.com/ebb-loops)
Sounddesign: Denis Elmaci
Color Grading: Mike Bothe
Titles: Romano Dudas, Timm Völkner

Special Thanks: Focus Film Lab - Nina Boriri, Andi Pek, Gabriel Sigler